Asbestos Removal Is a Job For These Two Experts!

Asbestos removal is a highly dangerous task due to the nature of asbestos fibres. If inhaled asbestos can cause serious respiratory problems like asbestosis, cancer, and mesothelioma. It is therefore not a job for an unqualified person. The purpose of this blog is to inform and educate about; the risks asbestos removal poses, the precautions needed to handle it, the equipment used, and its proper disposal. We will also see the paperwork that is needed, the procedures used, the safety equipment used, and the preparation put in place. We will also discuss the legal requirements and risk assessments that must be in place.

Meet John and Matt experts in asbestos removal

Asbestos Removal Operatives

They have both been dealing with the disposal of hazardous materials including the asbestos hazard for many years. They are highly qualified professionals certified to carry out asbestos removal and disposal. These qualifications take many years to complete. They know the dangers of exposure to asbestos.

The task of asbestos removal

Here is a picture of the area that John and Matt will be working in, as you will see it is a normal domestic garage and the amount of asbestos to be removed is less than 12 sq. metre.

Asbestos Insulating Board Ceiling

Damaged Asbestos Insulating Board (Aib)

As you can see it is damaged which means asbestos fibres are likely to be present, highly dangerous even from this small amount.

Before John and Matt can start paperwork called a RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) must be adhered to. This dictates the working activities being undertaken, who is on site, where the nearest hospital is, have procedures been followed to name but a few of the areas this substantial document covers.

Meanwhile, equipment is arriving on site!

The equipment for asbestos removal

The decontamination unit. Made up of 3 rooms and 2 entrances; a clean end, a shower, and a dirty/contaminated end. This is the clean end.

Decontamination Unit - Clean End

This is the dirty end.

Decontamination Unit - Dirty End

The HEPA filtered vacuums are taken directly into the workspace. John and Matt will also be using a negative pressure unit which is also HEPA filtered more of which later.

Preparation for asbestos removal

John and Matt enter the clean end to suit up prior to entering the contaminated area. Initially, they wear these blue disposable overalls, masks and gloves.

Asbestos Removal Contractors

They will prepare the work area without touching any asbestos. Copious use of plastic sheeting is used this is safely disposed off on completion of the asbestos removal.

Asbestos Removal Enclosure Sheeting

Even the electricity fuse box is safely contained.

Asbestos Removal Enclosure Sheeting

John and Matt now start to build the containment unit. This consists of 6 units with airlocks, on the right is the personnel airlock on the left is the airlock where the bagged asbestos will be removed to a secure van for disposal.

Airlcoks And Baglocks

Asbestos removal and disposal bags

Here are the bags, the asbestos is placed in a red bag which is  sealed this is placed into a clear bag which is also sealed. Everything that is contaminated is placed in sealed red bags. Extra care is always taken with the disposal of asbestos.

Inside Asbestos Airlcoks

Negative pressure unit when undertaking asbestos removal

Meanwhile John and Matt have installed the Negative pressure unit. This circulates the air providing a minimum of 8 air changes per hour. These units are fitted with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. This particular job only requires one but multiple units are used on larger asbestos disposals.

Negative Pressure Unit

In the workspace there is a roving head fitted to the unit as well. This allows John and Matt to ensure that air is being drawn away from them (along with any dangerous fibres) and being captured by the filters within the unit. It ensures the circulation of air is efficient within the workspace.

Roving Head Negative Pressure Unit

As you can see it is placed at the rear of the garage so that air is drawn in through the airlocks to the rear of the garage..

The crucial smoke test prior to asbestos removal

Next John undertakes a smoke test. The smoke test will confirm that the NPU is achieving a minimum of 8 air changes per hour, there are no leaks and there are no dead spots.

Asbestos Smoke Test

PPE needed for asbestos removal to begin

All preparations now being complete John and Matt suit up in the clean room, they wear 2 overalls a white one and beneath that a red one. They are working in an environment that is hazardous so they also use full face positive pressure respirators the reasons being are the negative pressure pump and to keep any fibres away from their mouths and nose.


The white coverall is stored in the personnel airlock, the red overalls are only taken off when the work shift has been completed these placed in a red bag which is sealed then into the transparent bag which again is sealed, this is all done in the airlock. They will not exit the work area for 6 hours. When they have finished they will change into the white coverall then enter the dirty end of the decontamination unit. The white coveralls are then disposed of in red bags, John and Matt will shower then enter the clean end via the internal doors where they will change into their clothes.

Asbestos Removal Operative In Red Coveralls

Care with contaminated asbestos disposal bags

It is crucial when dealing with asbestos disposal that the bags used to contain the hazardous waste are transported in a sealed unit. Our unit is lined with disposable sheeting which is sealed on all joints.

This is how the bagged material is handled, again PPE wear with masks are essential.

Asbestos Waste Removal

Site safety during asbestos removal

Site safety is the priority, John makes sure ALL the correct signage is in place, that entry to non authorised persons is prevented and that all the relevant paperwork is completed.

Asbestos Plans

Asbestos Waste Air Lock

Asbestos Waste Air Lock

On completion of the asbestos removal contract

When it is all finished the work site is restored to its previous state. You would not know that a professional team had spent 4 days working there.

Asbestos Job Complete

Is Asbestos Removal for DIY?

We know having read this article that you will agree that asbestos removal is not a job for the average DIYer.

Always use the professionals.

Specialist Remedial Solutions specialises in HazMat removal call us now on 01536 860166 or email us on or go to

Stephen or Elena will be pleased to help you.

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