Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation is an essential service provided by Specialist Remediation Solutions to help protect and preserve asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

What is Asbestos Encapsulation?

Asbestos encapsulation refers to the process of covering asbestos containing materials with a protective barrier to prevent the release of hazardous asbestos fibres into the air. Unlike asbestos removal, encapsulation is designed to manage the risk while keeping the asbestos in place. This method is particularly valuable in situations where asbestos removal is impractical or could cause more disruption and health risks due to fibre release.

Why Consider Asbestos Encapsulation?

The primary reason for choosing asbestos encapsulation is to significantly reduce the hazard posed by asbestos without the need for extensive demolition and renovation. Encapsulation is quicker, less intrusive, and often more cost-effective than complete removal.

When is encapsulation advisable? It’s most suitable for ACMs in good condition and where the asbestos is unlikely to be disturbed by future activities.

Asbestos Encapsulation Methods & Procedures

Key Techniques of Encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation methods vary depending on the condition of the asbestos material and the specific site requirements. The two main techniques are:

  1. Spray Encapsulation: This involves applying a sealant through spraying, which soaks into the asbestos material, hardening to form a durable barrier.
  2. Brush or Roller Application: For smaller areas or places where spraying isn’t feasible, a brush or roller can apply the encapsulant directly onto the ACMs.

Our Approach to Asbestos Encapsulation

Our approach to asbestos encapsulation is thorough and compliant with the latest UK health and safety regulations, including adherence to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Our process includes:

Initial Consultation and Site Assessment

We evaluate the condition of ACMs and the feasibility of encapsulation. We look at the type and current condition of the material, it’s location and determine the overall suitability for encapsulation.

Customised Solution Planning

Based on the assessment, we design a bespoke encapsulation strategy tailored to meet the specific needs and conditions of your property. This plan is devised to ensure maximum safety and efficiency, considering all logistical aspects of the encapsulation process.

Professional Application

Our certified professionals use specialist equipment and techniques to apply encapsulants effectively. We apply a minimum of two coats of high-quality encapsulant to the ACMs, ensuring a robust and durable barrier against asbestos fibres. This multi-layer application enhances the seal and longevity of the encapsulation, significantly reducing the risk of fibre release.

Post-Application Inspection

We ensure the integrity of the encapsulation with a detailed inspection of the material. We can also assist you with ongoing inspection and monitoring services.

Fully licensed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to work with asbestos

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Get an Asbestos Encapsulation Quote

If you’re looking to find out how much it will cost to encapsulate your asbestos, all you need to do is fill in our form and get a quote.


Asbestos Encapsulation – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve outlined some commonly asked questions about Asbestos Encapsulation. Still have a question, contact us and request a call back from one of our asbestos experts.

Yes, when done correctly, asbestos encapsulation is a safe and effective way to manage asbestos risks. It prevents the release of asbestos fibres, provided the encapsulated material is not disturbed.

The durability of asbestos encapsulation can vary, but it typically lasts for several years if maintained properly. Regular inspections are crucial to ensure the encapsulant remains intact.

It is possible to disturb encapsulated asbestos during building works.

As with all asbestos containing materials encapsulated asbestos should be managed accordingly. All policy and procedures should be fully detailed in the property’s asbestos management plan (AMP).

Yes, encapsulated asbestos can be removed if necessary. The encapsulation does not permanently alter the asbestos material, in most cases, removal is still an option if circumstances change or if the encapsulation is no longer considered the best management strategy.

Before starting the encapsulation process, it is crucial to prepare the area to ensure safety and effectiveness. Our team conducts a detailed survey to assess the condition of the asbestos-containing materials and the surrounding environment.

We also set up containment measures to prevent any asbestos fibres from escaping during the encapsulation process. All sensitive areas are sealed off, and warning signs are placed to inform of the ongoing work. This preparation ensures that our application is not only safe but also adheres strictly to health and safety regulations.

Ensuring the encapsulant adheres properly is fundamental to the success of the asbestos encapsulation process. Our technicians begin by carefully cleaning the ACMs to remove any dust, grease, or other contaminants that could prevent the encapsulant from adhering correctly.

We then apply the first coat of encapsulant and allow it to dry completely before applying a second coat to ensure thorough coverage and seal. Throughout this process, we monitor humidity and temperature conditions to ensure optimal curing and adhesion of the encapsulant, thus providing a durable and effective barrier against asbestos fibres.

Encapsulated asbestos poses significantly reduced risks to building occupants as long as the encapsulation is intact and undisturbed.

Regular monitoring and maintenance are crucial to ensure that the encapsulant continues to provide a safe barrier against asbestos fibre release.

There is no duty to encapsulate or even remove asbestos. However, there is a duty to prevent people from being exposed to asbestos fibres within all non-domestic premises.

Encapsulating asbestos-containing materials can greatly reduce the risk of people being exposed to asbestos fibres by ensuring the materials are in a good and sealed condition.

In most cases, Yes. However, this will vary depending on the asbestos type, location and condition.

Generally, asbestos encapsulation is less disruptive then asbestos removal.

The cost varies depending on the scope of work and the area to be treated.

We offer free consultations and quotes to provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Encapsulating asbestos in hard to reach areas or complex installations requires specialised techniques and equipment.

Our team is equipped with advanced tools and has extensive training in dealing with challenging environments. We use flexible application methods, such as extendable spray systems and custom applicators, to ensure that even the most difficult-to-access areas are thoroughly encapsulated.

Each situation is evaluated individually, and a specific strategy is implemented to ensure comprehensive coverage and safety, fully adhering to UK asbestos management regulations.

Asbestos encapsulation is typically achieved using specially formulated encapsulant paints or coatings that are designed to securely seal asbestos fibres and prevent them from becoming airborne.

These products are not standard paints but are specifically manufactured to adhere to asbestos-containing materials and create a durable, impermeable barrier.

An example of this would be Idenden ET150.

Client Testimonials and Feedback

Gus WilmotGus Wilmot
07:14 16 Apr 24
Very prompt service, great value. We look forward to working with SRS again on our next project.
Ben CollettBen Collett
19:10 11 Apr 24
I completed a demolition and site clearance project where i had asbestos sheets on the floor and on a roof. I Contracted SRS to remove all asbestos which they completed efficiently and at a fair price.Even better still, we found some additional asbestos which we received same day service for the collection. Can't get any better than that!Great team and I highly recommend getting in touch for any asbestos removal needs you have.
Lloyd SmithLloyd Smith
11:57 16 Mar 24
From first contact (by email) to the guys leaving the site, a really impressive experience.Great communication, happy with the quote and all of the associated paperwork required.All health and safety for all involved carried out with professionalism.Work carried out within timespan given and site left clean and ready for next part of the project.An overall excellent experience and would be happy to recommend and use again.
john knightjohn knight
14:29 04 Mar 24
Very thorough at consultancy stage. Polite and knowledgeable. Work carried out on time and very satisfied with the result. Would thoroughly recommend.
Paul GeogheganPaul Geoghegan
17:06 25 Jan 24
They do exactly what they say! Brilliant. Definitely recommend them. Big thumbs up 👍🏼.
jay cooperjay cooper
14:07 22 Jan 24
Quality company, would definitely recommend 👍🏻
Marianne LeadbitterMarianne Leadbitter
14:01 22 Jan 24
Very efficient and professional service would highly recommend also have friendly courteous staff
Steven WrigleySteven Wrigley
11:47 15 Jan 24
SRS were easy to deal with, with promp replies to my emails and easy to arrange for the job to be done while I wasn't at home. They removed some asbestos floor tiles for us and did so leaving no mess behind by the time I ruturned home. Overall very pleased witht the service.
Tessa WithallTessa Withall
19:50 18 Oct 23
The guys who turned up today did a fantastic job. They were punctual, very accommodating, worked so well and talked me through everything they had done and detailed where they have cleaned. They were honestly fantastic. Highly recommended. From someone who has worked in their industry aswell so I was mightily impressed.I also spoke to others through the company who also were fantastic and very professional.Highly recommended
Richard AbbottRichard Abbott
21:51 31 Mar 23
We had SRS attend a recent job where we had discovered what appeared to be asbestos.They were prompt to attend and having established that is was indeed asbestos, arranged a very swift removal at a cost which was not at all unreasonable.

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